Temporary Post from Khiva, Uzbekistan

After the ferry, I had 5 days on my transit visa to cross Turkmenistan and enter Uzbekistan. I took the train and bus for almost all of Turkmenistan (Turkmenbashi–> Ashgabat–> Konye-Urgench) since there was not enough time to cycle. After the Uzbek border, I started riding again to Nukus then Khiva. Now I am posting from Khiva!┬áSince I don’t have enough time do a full write-up, I will post pictures for now to wet your appetite until Bukhara, Uzbekistan where I can write some more. Note–the pictures are in reverse chronological order.

P1010810 P1010808 P1010812 P1010804 P1010787 P1010778 P1010786 P1010779 P1010775 P1010774 P1010772 P1010769 P1010766 P1010764 P1010757 P1010741 P1010739 P1010731 P1010729 P1010728 P1010724 P1010714 P1010707 P1010706 P1010697 P1010696 P1010681 P1010683 P1010679 P1010677 P1010675 P1010674 P1010672 P1010668 P1010667 P1010665 P1010664 P1010663 P1010661 P1010654 P1010650 P1010642 P1010641 P1010640 P1010639 P1010628 P1010626 P1010633 P1010629 P1010622 P1010621 P1010620 P1010617 P1010618 P1010616 P1010615 P1010614 P1010607 P1010608 P1010604 P1010595 P1010593 P1010588 P1010586 P1010585 P1010583 P1010584 P1010581 P1010580 P1010574 P1010573 P1010571 P1010569 P1010544 P1010551 P1010557 P1010527 P1010526 P1010519 P1010513 P1010511 P1010512 P1010508 P1010501 P1010500 P1010494 P1010492 P1010491 P1010488 P1010489 P1010487 P1010484 P1010483 P1010482 P1010480 P1010479 P1010478 P1010475 P1010473 P1010472 P1010470 P1010468 P1010467 P1010465 P1010464 P1010461 P1010460 P1010459 P1010451 P1010450 P1010445 P1010442 P1010441 P1010435 P1010434 P1010431 P1010429 P1010424 P1010421 P1010416 P1010414 P1010412 P1010410 P1010409 P1010407 P1010406 P1010404 P1010400 P1010399 P1010398 P1010395 P1010393 P1010385 P1010392 P1010390 P1010384 P1010381 P1010378 P1010376 P1010375 P1010374 P1010373 P1010372 P1010367 P1010366 P1010363 P1010362 P1010361 P1010359 P1010358 P1010354 P1010353 P1010351 P1010347 P1010345 P1010344 P1010343 P1010341 P1010339 P1010338


3 Thoughts on “Temporary Post from Khiva, Uzbekistan

  1. Yuki on June 27, 2013 at 6:53 pm said:

    Minwah! I’m so glad to see you are trucking/training/busing/biking along! :) Beautiful pictures, as usual. I especially love the beautiful mosques and the donkey-drawn cart full of children, and of course the food…all of your stories of having tea and food with smiley people reminds me so much of the WILG kitchen! I look forward to hearing the tales that go along with the pictures.

  2. Peach on June 28, 2013 at 6:45 am said:

    Ack, even more amazing than usual! Can’t wait to see the text, though it’s also fun to guess what’s happeneing. Although, I’m sure you’re guessing a lot of the time too. Sand squares?!

    Sorry you didn’t get to bike across due to silly visa time limit. Hopefully it was nice to rest your little legs on the ferry and on the bus.

    I second Yuki’s thoughts of the WILG kitchen. Ah, I wish we could go back in time and spend even more time just hanging around in the kitchen eating freshly baked cookies that always seemed to randomly pop up when one needed them most.

  3. Creuza Simionatto on July 2, 2013 at 10:33 am said:

    Wow, what else can I say? Nice architecture everywhere….

    That stack of money was trying to buy what? Your bike? Hope not….

    I think of you all the time, people ask how you are doing all we all root for you and send you our best vibes.

    Love, Creuza.

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