Samarkand – Uzbek Silk Road City #2

***In Samarkand I bought new SD cards that work with my camera, so now there are photos again. Enjoy!

After visiting Khiva and being utterly mesmerized by the maze of alleyways, terracotta architecture, and mosaics, I couldn’t imagine how the other Silk Road cities could beat it. But I discovered that Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand are all amazing in different ways.

7/5 Samarkand

Samarkand was the capital city when Timur reigned his vast empire all the way from Turkey to India. Walking around from sight to sight, you could feel that this was the heart of the Silk Road. The first day I visited Timur the Great’s mauseleum and the Registan, the main assembly of ancient Samarkand.

P1010824P1010829P1010835P1010836P1010850P1010849absolutely incredible mosaic tilework

P1010852P1010856old photos of Samarkand, before restoration.Remarkable that these buildings from the 1400s survived to this day despite numerous earthquakes

P1010867beautifully decorated chess set

P1010874it seems that most places in Central Asia that are in the desert are somehow obsessed with fountains. it’s nice that kids can swim in them.

P1010875statue of Amir Timur (Timur the Great) who ruled in the 14th century

P1010866carpet weavers

7/6 Samarkand –> back to Bukhara (bus)

The second day I visited the remaining of Samarkand’s tourist attractions and made my way back on the bus to Bukhara.

P1010906view of Samarkand and Bibi-Khanym mosque

P1010910P1010912P1010911Hazrat-Hizr Mosque



P1010952P1010949Shah-I-Zinda, a gallery of mauseleoms which contains even more exquisite tilework

P1010957Jewish cemetery — Jews have a history in Samarkand since the 12th-13th century

P1010958Afrosiab museum – important archaeological site

P1010965statue of Mirzo Ulugbek, grandson of Timur the Great. He was an astronomer as well as a ruler of the Timurid empire, pretty cool.

P1010966P1010983visiting Ulugbek’s Observatory. the ark was a large instrument inside Ulugbek’s Observatory to make measurements of stars and planets

P1010967P1010969I thought it hilarious that there is a random meteor/planet named ‘Samarkand’ and a random crater on the moon named Ulugbek. Who would’ve thunk.

P1010981P1010979P1010976some other cool displays at the Ulugbek Observatory

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  1. Enjoying following your blog – I am currently a few weeks behind you in Georgia and heading a smilar way through the stans.

    All the best


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