• Alta Press
    Read about my journey in Russian! Alena Denisova, the journalist I met when asking for directions in Barnaul, Russia, writes about my journey in the local press.
  • Eurasian news
    Excellent site with news about the region I cycled through
  • Caught Between Two Worlds
    The life of Uzbek immigrants in New York

About Western and Eastern Cultural Identity

Does ‘Eurasian’ identity transcend Western-born Chinese/ people with mixed Asian and Western blood and Central Asians who come from the region between Europe and East Asia?

  • Many Selves (Wesley Yang, New York Times Sunday Book Review 4/26/2013)
    Gish Jen, an Asian-American author explores the difference between American and Chinese narratives in her book “Tiger Writing”
  • The Long History of ‘Eurasian’ Identity (Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office 7/18/2013)
    Emma Teng, MIT Professor, discusses Asian-American families in her book “Eurasian: Mixed Identities in the United States, China, and Hong Kong, 1842-1943″

About Inspiring Women

About Cycling

  • Tom’s Bike Trip – How to Cycle Around the World
    Inspiring for anyone longing for adventure. Discusses managing one’s personal fears and expectations as well as fears and expectations that others have for (Thanks to Nate for sending me this link when I just started my trip. I was worrying about so many things at the time and reading this eased my fears.)
  • Crazy Guy On a Bike
    The holy shrine of cycling blogs, from long trips around the world to short trips from your backyard
  • Travelling Two
    Full of resources about bike travel
  • Sheldon Brown
    For bike geeks: has every detail about bike maintenance and repair that you’d ever want to know

About Fellow Cyclists

  • Carry On Cycling
    Young Will Johnston (21 years old) sets out from the UK on an indefinitely long bicycle journey. On the road for almost 2 years now, he’s still going.
  • Bryan Keith
    Bryan, an American taking on “slow bike touring”: instead of cross-continent travel (which he has also done before), he spends a long time exploring just one country. Last year, he took 7 months biking around Turkey. Bryan added me to the Silk Road 2013 mailing list where other members sent me very helpful information about the road ahead.
  • Why Justify
    Marlene and Urs from Switzerland were the first cyclists I met on the road (in Georgia). Why justify the desire to travel? Marlene and Urs began as backpackers then became cyclists when they had the chance to get two bicycles in Kyrgyzstan. Urs bought a bicycle from another traveler who was selling the bike in order to go backpacking. Marlene found a local bike shop mechanic to build her a second-hand bike.
  • Zbyna and Lucy
    Czech couple I met when I was crying on the side of a steep, horrendous dirt road in Georgia. We only cycled together for a day and a half, but they got me up the mountain pass on that horrendous dirt road even through rain and thunderstorm.
  • Iris and Zsolt
    Dutch cyclists I rode together with for 5 days across the Uzbekistan desert. Before this trip, Iris worked as a water engineer and Zsolt as a prison guard.
  • Jana and Alex
    Germans biking around the world. Jana and Alex were cycling 2 weeks ahead of me on a similar route and gave me invaluable information about road conditions in Mongolia.
  • I’ve Got A Bike
    Franscesco: young Italian (24 years old) I met at the hostel in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan who was also cycling alone from Europe to East Asia.
  • Tourient Express
    Rob Gardiner (25 years old) started from the UK with a couple of friends but is now on his own island hopping with his bike through Asia. Rob and I exchanged goods at the hostel in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: he gave me a Russian grammar book and I gave him malaria pills that I had carried but didn’t need.
  • Mt Christopher Ward expedition
    Five guys from the University of Cambridge on a climbing expedition in Tajikistan. I first met them in Dushanbe, Tajikistan before they set off to Mt Christopher Ward and then bumped into them on the road in Kyrgyzstan after their expedition.