Hit the Road Jack

Well I guess if you say so
I’ll have to pack my things and go
Hit the road jack,
Don’t ya come back no more no more no more no more
Hit the road jack
Don’t ya come back no more” – Hit the Road Jack, Ray Charles

Aaron, Natasha, and Nadine left on Monday, so we left the apartment. Jess would stay with her cousin Joel for another day and I would find another place to stay. Thanks to Anne Romeo, a friend from MIT and WILG, I met her cousin Micha who is currently living and studying in Istanbul. From this situation, it seemed like everyone had a cousin in Istanbul. Jess joked that we should start a cousin surfing network. I guess that’s the great thing about having big families (Jess’ mom was one of 13 children and Micha’s was one of 12 children)–you have many places to stay when you travel. I am now also starting to understand why my aunt would go on and on about how I was related to random people in Chinatown or elsewhere (when I mentioned I was at MIT, she said that one of the MIT police officers was my grandfather’s cousin’s village brother’s uncle’s coworker’s son, I think)–you never know when they can help you out.

After a Monday of sad farewells, I planned to use Tuesday to catch up on some sleep and run errands for a Tuesday departure. As such, I did not set an alarm and I ended up waking up at 2 in the afternoon–13 hours of sleep! I nearly fell off my bed when I saw the time as I haven’t slept in that late for years. I guess I hadn’t really gotten enough sleep the last few days in Istanbul, on top of the lack of sleep in the US. Fortunately in the short afternoon I had, I still managed to get my bike in order and buy supplies for the next few days.

Tomorrow Wednesday I will finally depart Istanbul and head to Ankara where I will hopefully get visas for Central Asia. To avoid the crazy traffic that is Istanbul, I will take the ferry to Bursa, another city on the Asian continent. I expect to be in Ankara in 5 days time, and hopefully I can also get internet before then to update.

Here comes the moment of truth!

**Special thanks to Aaron, Nadine, Jess, and Natasha for an awesome send-off in Istanbul; Joel for being the best tour guide ever; and Micha for being one of the most open and friendly hosts I know and sharing your family’s fantastic history.




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  1. Safe travels sis and check in soon!

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