Crossing the Caspian Sea

Baku, Azerbaijan –> Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan

Ferry: 100 USD, 18 hours

On Monday morning, I went to the embassy and managed to get my visa. But it was already 11am, and I knew usually people arrive at the ferry at 10am. I hurriedly took a taxi to the ferry terminal, where the ticket lady was just closing the office. ‘Ferry today?’I ask. ‘Yes, where are your bags? bistra, quickly!’ So without any time tospare, I ran back to the apartment, grabbed my things, and returned to the ferry. No time for internetting :(

Customs took longer than expected–one officer asked me a lot of questions. Why did my passport look so old? Why did you go to Armenia? Other questions about Armenia…Do I really look that suspicious?

Finally I got on the boat and within a few hours, we were off to sea!

P1010307 P1010308 P1010309 P1010310 leaving Baku port

P1010316 this Turkmen family were the only other passengers on the boat, and they took care of me as part of their family, even though I spoke no Russian or Turkmen

P1010315 P1010317 P1010313 P1010320 P1010321portable water heater

P1010324the ship’s manager has a lot of Azerbaijan pride

P1010326 P1010327arriving in Turkmenbashi the next morning

P1010331since I arrived on the morning of June 18, and my visa didnt start until June 19, I camped out at the waiting area in the Turkmenbashi ferry terminal. The officers let me in at midnight.


One Thought on “Crossing the Caspian Sea

  1. Peach on June 28, 2013 at 6:36 am said:

    Wow, only one other family!? Amazing they continue to run the ferry!
    The ferry from Jordan to Egypt was 90USD when I took it in 2008, but it was PACKED with people!

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